Welcome to Surrey Health Partners - a new global force in 'innovation for health'

Surrey Health Partners is a clinical academic partnership in the South of England and a global contributor to health innovation. Our mission is to facilitate the design and delivery of world class research and education that rapidly translates into improved clinical and community practice so we can ensure the best care and outcomes for our service users both in Surrey and beyond.

We provide the strategic leadership, framework development and seed funding to enable our membership – five NHS Trusts and two Universities – to effectively colloborate and innovate.

We put collaboration and strategic leadership into practice by:

  • Embedding an innovations and leadership culture across Surrey to attract and nurture the most renowned health & medical researchers and lecturers and develop a wider pool of research talent
  • Enabling the commissioning of new primary research programmes to design, evaluate and test new forms of experimental medicine & treatment, workforce improvements  and healthcare systems to address the greatest challenges facing our local health economy
  • Engaging and training the graduates of the future by modernising our educational services and increasing the quality and capacity of health and medical teaching at undergraduate, postgraduate  and doctorate level
  • Increasing the volume and quality of collaborative health research and educational innovation proposals made to the National Research Councils and the EU
  • Enhancing the skills and improving the productivity and performance of our research and educationally active staff
  • Accelerating the translation of research and educational learning into healthcare practice so that all of Surrey’s health professionals and patients become ‘innovators for health’

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