Clinical Academic Groups

Clinical Academic Groups

Our Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs) are the ‘innovation for health’ hubs that support delivery of leading edge research, teaching and service transformation in defined specialist areas where the University and NHS have mutual strengths.

Each Clinical Academic Group has solid, multidisciplinary foundations,   bringing together expert clinicians and academics who forge close working relationships. This enables them to identify areas where research will have the most impact, based on patient and professional need, and find new, innovative solutions to deliver healthcare solutions that challenge traditional NHS/provider organisational boundaries, working methods as well as care and treatment pathways.

It is this expert capability and the flexibility of our Clinical Academic Groups that have enabled us to build a solid framework for delivering world-class research and education that transforms patient care and outcomes.

Please explore our CAG pages to learn more about each CAG, their unique approach to collaboration and forging new networks, driving innovation and creating a culture of excellence in our area.

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