Cancer – About our CAG

About the Cancer CAG

The Cancer CAG will cover all aspects of cancer including screening, imaging, diagnosis, treatment, side effects and laboratory based research.

The Cancer CAG should be designed to make a significant improvement in the health and well-being of the local and subsequently wider population through quality cancer clinical care, research, teaching and training.


Our Aims

The Cancer CAG aims to:

  • increase the quality, quantity and raise the profile of cancer-related research
  • develop an internationally-recognised pool of talented cancer-related clinicians, researchers and academics

Our Work

The Surrey Cancer Research Institute is a Clinical Academic Group (CAG) within Surrey Health Partners (SHP) working in partnership with Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FT, St Luke’s Cancer Centre, the St Luke’s Cancer Alliance, University of Surrey, Ashford and St Peter’s NHS FT and other organisations to deliver world class research into cancer treatment and service delivery.

We are an ‘umbrella’ encompassing all types of cancer research and a communications’ mechanism to facilitate interactions and collaborations. In this way we can share resources and work together on ways to secure research funding. A successful Surrey Cancer Research Institute will benefit all of us and result in a high national and international profile for our cancer centre and cancer network. Ultimately Surrey Cancer Research Institute will benefit our patients.

The primary objectives of the Surrey Cancer Research Institute are to:
· Aspire to work with other local, national and international cancer-oriented partnerships
· Facilitate new grant proposals and attract new income streams from industry, attract more clinical trials and increase the chance of success of National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) proposals.
· Sustain a research culture across SHP members through MD and PhD students.
· Develop a cancer research hub that enables improved communication between cancer researchers
· Develop a high quality educational programmes including delivery of high profile academic seminars
· Engage with the public through open lectures once or twice yearly presenting the wide variety of research being undertaken
· Establish a Charitable Fund under the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FT Charitable Foundation.

Our People

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