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About the Comparative Pathology CAG

The Comparative Pathology Clinical Academic Group is unique collaboration between the University of Surrey and the Surrey Pathology Services bringing together the Medical and Veterinary professions to address a number of important issues such as infectious diseases, diagnostic pathology and antimicrobial resistance that respond to the ‘One Health Strategy’.  The comparative pathology CAG is a collaboration between the University of Surrey and local Trusts to improve patient care and outcomes by maximising opportunities for multi-disciplinary research, innovation, education and service improvement.

Specific clinical areas to be addressed by our Clinical Academic Group include:

  • Medical anatomic pathology
  • Medical clinical pathology
  • Medical microbiology
  • Veterinary anatomic pathology
  • Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  • Veterinary Microbiology

The Comparative Pathology Clinical Academic Group will benefit from the University of Surrey’s recent investment in a new state of the art, high containment Veterinary Pathology Centre, digital pathology supported by a digital innovation Centre. The University is already recognised as a Centre of excellence for teaching and research in toxicology, microbiology and pathology. The Veterinary Pathology Centre will also offer a diagnostic service to the veterinary community and has been awarded a Defra tender to undertake veterinary surveillance through post-mortem examination for over 50% of registered livestock in England.

The Comparative Pathology Clinical Academic Group will support Surrey Pathology Services (SPS) which if strategic plans are realised this year will become the largest diagnostic laboratory in the UK. SPS provide diagnostic services to acute services at Trusts in Surrey and Berkshire, as well as to primary care GP services. Approximately 25 million tests per annum account for the majority of the work of our 500 staff. Laboratory services are also provided for private hospitals and the commercial sector throughout the UK. SPS also contains a number of Specialist Services, which receive samples from other NHS Trusts and the independent sector throughout the UK.

The CAG is led by a team of Consultant Pathologists and Clinical Scientists who also undertake active research, audit, education and training and service development. Many of SPS Consultants provide clinical as well as laboratory services through both outpatient and inpatient activity, notably in metabolic medicine, primary immune deficiency, allergy, infectious diseases and haematological cancers.

Surrey Pathology Services is managed as a shared service model via a unitary management and governance structure. The main departments are Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Transfusion, Cytology, Histopathology, Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology, Molecular diagnostics. In addition there are also specialist national services for Trace Metals, Peptide Hormones, Bowel Cancer Screening, Cardiac Markers and Near Patient Testing.

Our Aims

The vision for the next 2-5 years is to develop an international hub for excellence in pathology which provides exemplary teaching, research and clinical services to the medical and veterinary community.  This will be realised through a number of initiatives including the following:

  • Establish a modular comparative Pathology MSc.
  • Develop the One health-One medicine concept within the existing Medical and Veterinary Microbiology MSc programmes.
  • Develop collaborations with the Trust, APHA, Pirbright, PHE and the MRC to ensure effective exploitation of Big Data sets.
  • Establish joint clinical rounds in pathology and microbiology.
  • Establishment of an FRCPath exam in Veterinary Microbiology.
  • Establishment of a tissue archive for veterinary and human tissues.
  • Share tissue scanning resources and develop a commercial service for the provision of teaching material.
  • Utilise the RSCH sequencing facility to develop sequencing technology for diagnostics and molecular epidemiology.
  • Exploit the molecular biology expertise within FHMS to develop point of care test to be used within the Trust.
  • Establish FRCPath residency programmes in Veterinary and medical pathology.

Our Work


Models for developing medical devices for treating vascular disease
Research Council: BBSRC KTP

Award size: £350,000

Novel Antimicrobial Agents for Bacterial Pathogens of Livestock
Research Council: BBSRC

Award size: £328,447

Novel strategies to Detect & Prevent the emergency of AMR in zoonotic Pathagens
Research Council: EPSRC

Award size: £461,852


Development of an MSc Pathology course
Digital Pathology Seminar 2016: CAG Digital Path Day Flyer
CAG Showcase Event 2015: CAG Showcase event 13 November 2015

Our People

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