Diabetes Clinical Academic Group

The Diabetes Clinical Academic Group (CAG) at Surrey works towards improving the physical and psychological well-being of patients living with diabetes.

The CAG benefits from having state-of-the-art research facilities, innovative teaching methods and a busy clinical service. It comprises primary and secondary care physicians, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, biochemists and representatives from patient advocate groups. The group has a proven-record of successful grant applications leading to high impact research and publications. The Diabetes CAG has formed partnerships with other research institutions, including the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, KCL, Liverpool and Imperial, as well as close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

Particular areas of expertise include in-depth studies of metabolism using stable-isotope methodology – in the Wolfson-funded laboratories at University of Surrey; educational strategies for patient self-management; clinical trials of novel diabetes therapies; and studies of exercise and/or dietary intervention.

We are keen to engage with clinicians and scientists to advance the care of patients with diabetes. For more information, please explore our pages below or contact the Diabetes CAG leads.

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