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About the Mental Health CAG

Long term mental health problems can have a dramatic and disabling impact of peoples’ lives. Providing the right support at an early stage to promote family wellbeing is essential to building healthier and more resilient communities.
Our CAG topics promote transformational research, teaching and service improvements that:

  • Promotes a preventative approach to mental health
  • Improves early diagnosis and intervention
  • Enable people to have increasing control over their healthcare needs and improve their wellbeing
  • Our early intervention focus is also intended to reduce cost to the wider healthcare economy.

Our CAG provides a mental health focus amongst the Surrey Health Partners and takes forward the parity of esteem agenda.
A high proportion of people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities experience long term physical health conditions. Our CAG proposal will support collaborations with other CAGs that have a physical health focus. Indeed, we already have several joint projects underway within the Sleep CAG.

Our Aims

  • Demographic and cost calculation study on patients with Dementia in KSS, primary and secondary care. Possible collaboration with Professor Simon De Lusignan, Professor Heather Gage
  • Potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer disease. Laboratory to clinical study. Possible collaboration with Professor Professor Jian-Mei Li
  • Potential interventional study for improving quality of life and sleep for patients with early signs and symptoms of dementia

Our Work


The Mental Health CAG was successful in securing a £8,000 award from the SHP Development & Innovations Fund. This post will enable two NIHR RfPB stage 1 applications:

Project 1:
A feasibility study of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving (STEPPS) treatment programme for people with Emotionally Unstable Personality  Disorder attending community services in the UK.
CI: Dr Simon Draycott (UoS).

Project 2:
A feasibility of a computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy intervention for controlled drinking for people with harmful alcohol use attending community services in the UK.
CI: Dr Christos Kouimtsidis (SABP).

Find out more about these research projects here or at Surrey and Borders at:


  • PhD Scheme

The Mental Health CAG was the first CAG to launch a competitive scheme aimed at PhD students within the Partnership with research ideas that could be supported by the CAG and it’s members. In 2015/16, the Mental Health CAG awarded three students £1000 each to contribute towards their research projects.

Read more here

  • Seminars

The Mental Health CAG has held two full day seminars aimed at clinicians and academics with great success. More information on these events is below:

Our People

CAG Chairs



Dr Bob Patton
University of Surrey

Helen Photo

Dr Helen Rostill
Surrey & Borders

R Nilforooshan

Dr Ramin Nilforooshan
Surrey & Borders

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