Mental Health Clinical Academic Group

The Mental Health CAG will focus on prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention in mental health. Long term mental health problems can have a dramatic and disabling impact of peoples’ lives. Providing the right support at an early stage to promote family wellbeing is essential to building healthier and more resilient communities.

Our CAG topics promote transformational research, teaching and service improvements.

Our CAG provides a mental health focus amongst the Surrey Health Partners and takes forward the parity of esteem agenda. It will provide an umbrella framework for the following topics:

  • Assistive technology and its role in prevention, early intervention and reducing admissions led by Dr Helen Rostill
  • Early diagnosis and intervention for dementia led by Dr Ramin Nilforooshan
  • Early intervention and prevention in alcohol and drug use disorders led by Dr Christos Kouimtsidis

A high proportion of people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities experience long term physical health conditions. Our CAG will support collaborations with other CAGs that have a physical health focus and will build on existing partnerships and developing new partnerships.

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