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“Falls Model” pilot

The aim of this research is to validate the falls model- a regression model of predicting falls developed by the University of Surrey. We will use the model to select patients and understand what interventions are used to reduce falls in conjunction with Guildford and Waverley CCG and the Primary Care CAG.

We will run the study through the Surrey Cohort- a repository holding computerised health data from practices in Surrey, funded by Surrey Health Partners (SHP).

In collaboration with the CCGs we aim to find a scientific basis for falling- what interventions are done/needed to be done to reduce the chance of falling, what the consequences are and what should have been avoided.

‘Surrey Cohort data repository’
Winner of the SHP Innovations fund for the ‘Surrey Cohort data repository’
(November 2015- October 2016)
The Surrey population is healthy compared with other parts of the UK and Internationally. People in Surrey also live longer. Understanding, in more detail, what underpins the health and longevity of the Surrey population may help us understand how to be healthier into later life and plan better local health services.
The Cohort is a repository holding computerised health data from 10 Surrey practices (7 practices across Surrey have already joined the Cohort). This repository contains anonymised (strictly “pseudonymised”) data with personal details removed. Its primary use is for research: (1) Epidemiological research; (2) Conducting trials and other ethically approved studies; (3) Surveillance of disease and health service use. Data are stored and analysed by the Section of Clinical Medicine and Ageing team at the University of Surrey.
The Surrey cohort aims to increase the quality and quantity of research. The Cohort database should be able to support a range of types of study: Cross-sectional, cohort, case controlled and recruitment to trials – both quality improvement and recruitment to clinical trials. W

For more information about the Surrey Cohort, please go to:

“Psoriasis and detecting associated arthritis”

Early signs of psoriasis are associated with arthritis, cardio vascular disease and depression).  The aim of the project would be to pinpoint a number of patients with psoriasis (up to 500) and hopefully bring in those with early onset arthritis, and validate a screening tool – Psoriasis Epidemiology Screening Tool (PEST).

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