Our Work

Our Work

Surrey Health Partners delivers an ambitious portfolio of strategic leadership, industry relationship building, clinical academic collaboration and infrastructure development activities that drive our mission of delivering world-class research and developing and maintaining a highly skilled, research active workforce of the future.

Working in highly productive multidisciplinary partnerships, our Clinical Academic Groups are now delivering higher volumes and quality of pioneering, world class research and education that are fundamental to our future development of a more highly trained regional workforce able to respond to local NHS service needs, managing disease and co-morbidities and acting as powerful advocates and leaders of quality improvement.

Key Strategic Development Programmes

As a result of our collaboration, NHS health professionals and academics have greater opportunities to create unique working alliances and deliver applied research learning in areas of critical significance for our patients, our local NHS organisations and the local health economy.

Here you can find out more about our past and current projects that contribute to the success of our partnership.

Our Research Priorities

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