Educational Modernisation

Creating a culture of educational innovation & shared learning across Surrey

Surrey Health Partners’ Clinical Academic Groups are working hard to ensure all NHS staff members in the county, and the health professional and medical graduates of the future, benefit from the leadership and expertise of our internationally recognised professors and clinicians.

Our work will ensure Surrey becomes the ‘go to’ centre of health & medical educational and professional excellence’ where those that train here, and are recruited, choose to remain working for a sustained period in one of Surrey NHS’ acute, mental health or community health partner organisations.

An inspirational teaching hospital environment

Surrey Health Partners is facilitating the creation of a University teaching hospital environment across our region.

Expert professional development and specialisation are being integrally woven into the everyday working patterns of our workforce for the benefit of local NHS service users and the local health economy.

And we shall make more joint clinical academic appointments – for those that want to practise professionally and teach at one of our Clinical Academic Groups or at our local Universities – for more details see NHS Jobs.

New innovative means of teaching, learning and professional development are being evaluated by a sub group of educational representatives. And new post graduate and post graduate courses are being developed. These will enable us to improve our specialist training in nursing, the medical, bio and veterinary sciences, which increasingly impact upon human health, as well as in clinical psychology and counselling.

Surrey Health Partners Clinical Academic Groups, including many of our internationally renowned clinicians and academics, are taking a proactive role in the provision of specialist, high quality professional development.

Over half our CAGS now offer regular seminars, lectures and networking and development events and more our planned for 2017. With their support, we can ensure that Surrey’s workforce remain at the cutting edge of science and practise and we can educate the public about the advances in healthcare and medicine.

Summer 2017 will see the third Surrey Cancer Research Institute Annual Conference. Over 150 professional delegates and patient representatives attended this year’s event in London held in conjunction with King’s Health Partners.

Click here to find out more about Surrey Cancer Research Institute’s events and find out which seminars you’d like to attend.

Future events for all our CAGS are listed in our calendar.  Please take a look to find out what’s of interest to you.

All Surrey-based NHS and University staff and University Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences graduates are eligible to attend for free.

Those working  in the NHS or a University outside of Surrey, or in the healthcare industry or voluntary sector, are invited to contact the relevant Clinical Academic Group Administrator to find out about booking. Delegate charges may apply.

Members of the public are invited to attend our public forums and events. See the calendar for what’s coming up next.

New multidisciplinary, technology-optimised University courses for all health professionals

We are developing the highest quality, multi-disciplinary, modular courses for the nurses, doctors and allied health professionals of the future. Trainees have access to state-of-the art health communications, technology and bio-science research centres, unparalleled in the UK, and ‘real-life’ clinical practise.

Our courses teach not only the science and clinical skills required by today’s health professionals but the empathic people and management skills that create a highly skilled practitioner able to treat patients holistically.

We are building and delivering the best training so that Surrey’s health professional graduates can leading the way nationally in delivering the best patient-centred care and health service environments both in the community and in hospitals’ centres of excellence and outpatient facilities.

We are incorporating new modes of teaching. These include more ‘real world scenarios’, simulation and case studies as well as formal placements in multiple health settings to train the graduates and post graduates of the future as doctors, nurses and applied health professionals.

And we’ll be reviewing the role of e-learning in supporting workforce development. And providing best practice guidance to our Clinical Academic Groups on the  effective design, accreditation, implementation and evaluation of professional development and other applied research programmes.

Improved workforce development planning

Given the scope and speed of educational innovation, we are improving our educational and workforce strategic planning. So that not only can  we more rigourously and precisely evaluate how we can match the increasing professional development and educational support needs of workforce but how we can formalise how we design and embed new skills training.

For the first time in 2015, leading clinicians within our Clinical Academic Groups have been formally contributing to the development of new University Undergraduate programmes and there are plans for this to expand to include post graduate studies.

Surrey's educational innovations' test bed

Surrey Health Partners is planning to support the delivery of a Surrey ‘educational innovations’ test bed’ through partnership working by two of our Clinical Academic Groups. Together, they will  build an evidence base and create benchmarks and guidance for future professional development and multidisciplinary health and medical sciences teaching in the county.

NHS staff invited to attend expert Clinical Academic Group conferences and seminars

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