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Surrey Health Partners (www.surreyhealthpartners.co.uk) is committed to the highest editorial and ethical standards in the provision of all its content and related services.


The site is funded by the Member organisations (selected NHS Trusts and Universities across Surrey). The content, data and services on Surrey Health Partners are commissioned its Steering Group and delivered by the Surrey Health Partners digital team and clinicians and academics working in our Clinical Academic Groups.  Surrey Health Partners is committed to providing objective and trustworthy information and guidance on all aspects of research and educational development and healthcare service transformation.

The Surrey Health Partners content policy covers all content, both data-driven –directories and comparative data – and editorial. The latter includes written articles, video and audio resources, interactive tools, infographics and images.


In all instances, we strive to ensure that data is accurate and clearly presented and that editorial content is evidence-based, in other words, that it is founded on the best scientific knowledge currently available.


The following sections set out our editorial principles, standards and processes.


Surrey Health Partners content will be accurate, balanced and transparent. Information given will be based on the best available scientific evidence and data sources. Where content contains conjecture or opinion, this will be clearly indicated.

Impartiality and diversity of opinion:
Surrey Health Partners will be objective, impartial and even-handed. Where an academic or clinicians’s opinion is cited this will be made clear. We are unable to present the full scientific consensus about healthcare and treatments but will direct users to significant sources of expertise and advice.

Surrey Health Partners is accountable to its users and will deal fairly with them. It will be open in admitting mistakes and encourages a culture of learning via user feedback. Its editorial processes will be transparent.

Serving the clinical academic community and the public:
Surrey Health Partners will put its users’ interests first when sourcing and developing content. It will consult widely with relevant Clinical Academic teams within Surrey, professional bodies, patient organisations, charities and other interest groups but serving the ordinary citizen will remain paramount.

Taste and decency:
All content on Surrey Health Partners will be suitable for a general audience and will not include material that might reasonably be deemed offensive.

Surrey Health Partners views its users’ privacy as paramount and, barring legal order, will not divulge any correspondence or personal information it may hold about them without their prior and explicit permission.

Surrey Health Partners is funded by Member organisations (selected NHS Trusts and Universities across Surrey). It does not carry advertising and does not accept corporate sponsorship.

Staff interests and independence
Surrey Health Partners has a dedicated team of editorial administrators and clinical academic contributors from its Member organisations. It operates independently of the members’ marketing and commercial functions and has a clear mandate to produce accurate, balanced and transparent information.

No editorial contributor will be asked, or is permitted, to provide favoured treatment to any partner organisation and all those involved in content and editorial development must fully disclose any financial or other interests they may have in any healthcare-related companies or organisations. Such interests must be reported to the appointed content manager for Surrey Health Partners at the time of employment or at the point the interests arise thereafter.

The appointed content manager for Surrey Health Partners will report any potential conflict of interest to the Surrey Health Partners Steering Group which will determine what needs to be done to eliminate it. Where content is produced by outside organisations or individuals, Surrey Health Partners requires that such agents make a similar disclosure of outside interests.

All editorial contributors are given training to ensure editorial standards are met.

Quality assurance
The Surrey Health Partners content manager is ultimately responsible for editorial quality standards as they relate to best clinical practice. The Surrey Health Partners Core Delivery Team meets regularly and is the approver of the site’s editorial process.

The Surrey Health Partners Core Delivery Team welcomes feedback with regard to the site’s editorial process, via the ‘Contact’ link at the top of every page on this site.

Surrey Health Partners welcomes feedback on all content on the site via:

  • Contact – you can contact us using the enquiries form in the Contacts section which will go through to our Surrey Health Partners content management team will pass on your feedback to the appropriate editorial team member (s).
  • Complaint process
    In the event that a complaint is made about a piece of content that cannot be resolved by Surrey Health Partners editorial team the matter will be escalated to the Surrey Health Partners Core Delivery Team.
  • Note: Surrey Health Partners is responsible only for the content of this website and any operational issues about it. If you wish to make a complaint about our content or any operational issues, please email surreyhealthpartners@surrey.ac.uk

All content that contains health or medical or expert information must be read and signed off by an appropriately qualified and experienced health or other professional and/or academic. This is defined as:

  • Currently registered with an appropriate professional body, e.g. GMCNMC.
  • Currently practising in area of expertise.
  • Recognised as having specialist expertise in the topic – typically this will be a practising Band 7 or above (nursing and AHPs), Consultant or GP Principal. NHS Choices recognises that other clinicians will have appropriate expertise indicated by post-graduate qualifications or inclusion on a specialist register, and these will be considered on a case by case basis. And may also be a senior lecturer, Associate Dean or Head of Programme or School or Centre at the University.
  • No conflict of interest declared to Surrey Health Partners.
  • Agreed to details being held by Surrey Health Partners.

Decisions about the suitability of health, clinical or academic expertise are made by the Surrey Health Partners content manager and editorial team on a topic by topic basis, based on the above criteria. Should clarification be required about suitability, the Surrey Health Partners content manager will offer advice and escalate to the Surrey Health Partners Core Delivery Team, if appropriate.



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